Native American Tribal Affairs Collection (NATA)

”Native American Tribal Affairs” is a 1333 NFT collection on the MultiversX Blockchain. It is 3d, digital and AI generated. By owning a NFT, you hold a piece of the investments and enjoy your share of passive income. Our team handles things in a professional manner, so stay tuned for the mint date!

About Native American Tribal Affairs

It started with an idea to use other people's skills for a greater community. TheScalper101 was good at scalping BTC and gave signals to a group on Telegram. Meanwhile, Lulu17 was arbitrageing for himself. While not everyone has the time or money to do scalping trades or take advantage of arbitrage opportunities, the idea of NFT project arose. This would be a community wallet managed with professionalism, so people who don't have the time or money, can still benefit. We chose Native Americans as the theme for this collection, since scalping was one of the main sources of revenue, which was a Native American practice back in the day - get it?

Tribal Bounty

Launchpad Tickets

Launchpad Tickets

1st source of revenue: Launchpads. Launchpads proved to be quite profitable on MultiversX, with 3-125x value gained for 1 ticket bought, on public launch of the token. So, we want in! This will be our first source of revenue. MultiversX has 2 main launchpads at the moment: xlaunchpad and bhero. We will stake 100 egold in xLaunchpad. Also we will buy a position in bhero, worth of 100 egold. We will sell the tickets won in price discovery, and the share the profit with the NFT holders through buyback of $NATA.

BTC Scalping

BTC Scalping

Our 2nd source of revenue will be from BTC scalping. We will share the profit to the NFT holders through the buyback of $NATA. Estimated APR for the community investment is 10-15% per day for succesfull trades. The initial investment will be 100 egold. 



The 3rd source of revenue for the holders will be arbitrage. Distribution of funds through buyack of $NATA. Estimated APR for the community investment is 10% per arbitrage. Our initial investment will be 200 egold. 

DeFI Farming

DeFI Farming

4th Source of revenue: DeFI Farming. QoWatt/Proteo/One will be farmed with 150/150/100 Egld. Distribution of profits through $NATA buyback. 



Our 5th source of revenue will be royalties. After covering the expenses for the team, will share profit through the dedicated Staking Pools. This is a bonus, not a guarentee.

Rankings, Power and Staking Pools

Rankings and Utility

Rankings and Utility

Based on traits, every NFT has a ranking in the collection. In our project, its rank counts!
We will distribute profits in an orderly fashion, following the rankings. You will receive your portion of $NATA based on your rank - not if, but when. When your rank comes, you get all your portion. More on this on the tokenomics/Power subject.
Power and Utility

Power and Utility

The collection has class, age group and sex as attributes. Those will give the NFT their power. Power is a multiplicator of the share of $NATA every NFT should receive. Base share = 25000 $NATA.
Peasants Power =1x = 25000 $NATA
Warrior Power =2x = 50000 $NATA
Tribal Council Power =3x = 75000 $NATA
Chieftains Power =4x = 100000 $NATA
Female Bonus = 5000 $NATA
Elder Bonus = 10000 $NATA
When their rank is due date for receiving rewards, a Peasant will get 25000 $NATA.  a Warrior will get 50000 $NATA, a Tribal Council will get 75000 $NATA and a Chieftain will get 100000 $NATA. All in due time. If your NFT is also Female, or Elder or both you get the bonus $NATA.


Flume in Switzerland

1. NFT Minting

Public sale.

Keep your eyes on the minting date!

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership.

2. Project funds are invested

Revenue is generated for the holders.

3. Rewards for holders

3. Rewards to holders

Holders receive rewards in the $NATA token, based on their NFT atributes (Rank and Power) in an orderly fashion.


Grand Chieftain

 Bogdan Petrovici is the name behind the screen, the creator of this project and bussines plan. He will lead the way so that the community and the project moves forward. 

Scalping Chieftain

 TheScalper101 likes his privacy, so this is how we'll know him by. The important part for the project, is his input - scalping BTC futures. With a personal scalping strategy of +90% winning rate, he is the one managing the scalping fund. 

Trade and Marketing Chieftain

 Lulu17 also treasures his privacy and will handle the arbitrage buget of our project. Having done this not by bots, has it's advantages, which we'll all enjoy. He will also use his networking skills to bring visibility to the project.

Design and Content Chieftain

 Búi Pétursson is the pseudonim under which this collection (and others) will use as it's author. Future products will also have Búi Pétursson as the author. He is the entity which is the merge of AI and human (in this case, Bogdan Petrovici). 

Building Chieftain

Our team member (to be announced) will make the projects ambitions into existance!


These people will be influencers that will help boost awareness and hype for the project.

MultiversX Wallet

Download xPortal SuperApp on your phone to keep your NFTs in handy here!


Nothing on website is an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any NFTs. is publishing this website solely to receive feedback and comments from the public. Nothing in this website should be treated or read as a guarantee or promise of how nativeamericantribalaffairs's business or services will develop or of the utility or value of the NFTs.

The nativeamericantribalaffairs website outlines current plans, which could change at its discretion, and the success of which will depend on many factors outside nativeamericantribalaffairs’s control, including market-based factors and factors within the data and cryptocurrency industries, among others. Any statements about future events are based solely on nativeamericantribalaffairs’s analysis of the issues described on website. That analysis may prove to be incorrect. has no connection to or with the natives from the  Americas and do not represent their interests, culture, or anything related to them. No recommendation is made herein as to the advisability of purchasing the NFTs; notwithstanding, do not purchase any NFT if you cannot bear the loss of the entire purchase price.

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