Native American Tribal Affairs

Here is a breakdown of the tokenomics and utility:

Total supply: 133.300.000 $NATA

      • DEX Liquidity = 10.000.000 $NATA
      • Treasury = 5.000.000 $NATA
      • Public Seed Sale = 10.300.000 $NATA
      • $NATA will be distributed to NFT holders in batches of 10.000.000 on a monthly basis to holders
      • $Buying pressure will come through buy-back from the projects' profit from investments


Dogecoin cryptocurrency

Reward mechanism and Investment Strategy

Reward Mechanism:

  • All profits (NFT sales + Investment profits) are rewarded to the NFT owners.
  • No need to stake. Just hold your NFT in your wallet and profits will be distributed to you.

Investment Strategy

  • 10% of the investment fund goes to BTC Scalping
  • 20% of the investment fund goes to arbitrage
  • 20% of the investment fund goes to launchpad tickets
  • 40% of the investment fund goes to DeFi (150 $Egld to QoWatt cards, 150 $Egld to $Proteo Liquidity platform, 100 $Egld to $One for OneDex
  • Royalties go into the project after paying for monthly expenses
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